Get eggcited.

These are some Easter themed cake pops I worked on this week.

These little chicks look more like egg yolks... they are still adorable.

I don't have much to say...
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♫ I'm sorry... so sorry ♫

Sorry for not posting something for so long.. I have no excuse... well, I kind of do, but still, I should have posted something waaay before today.

The last greenpoint food market was great! A lot of people came out, sold out my empanadas and I made a lot of guys look really good by giving  heart shaped cake pops to their Valentines. Hehe!

The day after Valentine's day, I went to Buenos Aires. I hung out with my family and ate a lot. Yes, that's basically all I did. I did see some friends that I hadn't seen in forever, but even when I met up with them, food was always present... and delicious. I had a serious case of beef overload and even when I was eating potato chips (clearly, I was not very conscious of being healthy there) they were flavored "Lomo al horno con cebollas al gratin" Whaaaaat?! That means "oven roasted sirloin with onions au gratin".

AND they have a facebook fan group for them. Insane- I know. Before you become a fan of this group, be nice and become a fan of La Tia Faby first, thou. :)

Anyhow, Buenos Aires was great. Once I got back, I got an internship at a high end restaurant under the pastry chef. It's been really exciting, and learning a lot already. I'm really enjoying every aspect of it and definitely motivates me to create some new stuff at home... which brings me to introduce you.. the new sausage and kimchi empanada! (coming next at your greenpoint food market on April 10th). I will post some pictures next week as well as some Easter themed cake pops.

-No me dejen solo-
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