Happy Halloween!

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España- segunda parte

While selecting the pictures for this entry, I realized how much I love the food culture in Spain, but then again..  maybe because that's the part we explored the most while there. We arrived around 8pm to Sevilla and after freshening up at the hotel we went out trying to find a place for dinner. The hotel we stayed at was in the older side of town, where the streets are narrow, so narrow that the cabbie couldn't drop us off at the front door of the hotel because the car would just not fit.

Oh... Good times!
I had ice cream every night while we went for a walk to walk off dinner, somehow i always managed to have a little more room for ice cream. I found some really interesting flavors. Like Smurf  and Cloud. 

...and the Kinder one took me right back to 5th grade.

When we got to Barcelona, I couldn't wait to check out Boqueria. Acording to our guide book, we could get hot churros and good coffee for breakfast. We never found the churros stand, and the only coffee we could find was Dunkin' Donuts. There is nothing wrong with Dunkin' coffee, but it wasn't the local experience I had anticipated. Either way, it was really cool, and we decided to leave when i had too much eye candy and needed some real food.

Chewy, colorful and so many shapes of colored sugar.
And everything you can imagine covered in chocolate.

De pez a pescado
Mm... juicy!
Signs both in Spanish and Catalan.

We found a restaurant attached to a market (not boqueria) where all the ingredients came from that market. This is the menu.

A chart with foods on one side and cooking method on the other.
Hands down the best thing we ate at the market: Roasted peppers, a little salty a little spicy all delicious.
The clams with pancetta and artichokes wasn't bad either.
Picture of the restaurant, exposed storage + communal dining 

Wall of herbs. Urban gardening at it's best

If you have the chance to visit Spain, do so. And eat your heart out. You won't regret the extra pounds of Jamon Iberico you'll come back with.
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Cake pop intermission

Before I post the second and maybe third part of Spain, i figured i could put some cake pop pics that i've made lately.

Red Velvet pops for a private event at the Sky Room, NYC.

I made these for my sister- in- law's bridal shower.
Congrats Katie & Kevin!
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