Fourth of July, Maine, loons and of course, food.

This was the third year going up to Maine during the summer. The first year (2008) we went for a long weekend in August, we had such a good time and fell instantly in love that decided to go back for fourth of July (last year), and we went back again this year because Maine is that awesome.

We rented a beautiful house by the lake, we kayaked, swam, listened to loon calls, cooked and feasted.

This is the view from our porch. This house had an amazing fire pit, that helped a lot with the mosquitos and other bugs at night and obviously it was just plain kickass.

We had to celebrate we were in Maine, so of course we had lobsters and clams. This was one of the few meals were I stood back and watched, I didn't wanna be too close to the live lobsters, specially if I was gonna attack it with torture- like weapons to eat it.

I had made a strawberry short cake for dessert after the lobsters, unfortunately I was too busy stuffing my face with it to take a picture, but after that, I decided I would take pictures of other meals, so here it is, the second dinner dessert. A puff pastry with vanilla ice cream and peaches... mm... my mouth is watering again.

 Jeff (my fiance) made this spicy and peppery vegetarian cauliflower and chick pea dish. It was indeed spicy and peppery, it actually tasted better two days later when I had it for an afternoon snack!


Being in Maine, this house did not have AC, but it had a weirdly cool basement where we hung out to cool off and stay away from the bugs. I made a panna cotta with a blueberry sauce. Walkie- talkies, head lamps and a broken water gun could  pretty much sum up our week.

Most of the ingredients were purchased at local farms, at the green market, and at the local co-op market. We had this delicious spicy chorizo I made a frittata with and made a nice fried rice with kale, carrots, onions, scapes and the spicy chorizo left overs.

When does it become sad when about 50% of the pictures are all food? Well, everything was so good that it needed to be documented, like these breakfast of scrambled eggs and sweet potatoes fries.

This meal was definitely the sum of it's parts, so I wanted to make sure it was all on one image. We had this delicious halibut with an orange, parsley and cilantro sauce, and we roasted all miscellaneous veggies we had in the fridge and last but not least, the best scallops i've ever had.

We started seeing fruit flies around the bananas, so what better way to use them up quick? I made this banana bread with caramelized bananas and ice cream for dessert.

The last night, we made grilled pizza, oh yes, grilled and it was so good it needs a separate blog entry. Stay tuned!!
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