Empanadas calientes para las viejas sin dientes!

Come out to the Greenpoint Food Market this Saturday from noon to 5pm to get your share of the new cake pops! The shapes will be the adorable chicks that were so popular at the last market, but the inside is all new. Two new kinds: Chocolate base with yummy delicious dulce de leche and the other, also chocolate but this one with heavenly nutella. I'll also be making a lot of empanadas, for those who come in by the time I'm sold out, so come hungry. As for empanadas, I'll have my classic and personal favorite spicy beef, the spinach and mushroom, and the kimchi sausage that did so well last time. 

And here is a cute butterfly cake pop picture. hehe.

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Congrats Ali!

This weekend I'm going up to Newport for my future sister- in- law's graduation and I thought it'd be cute to make graduation caps. I went to the grocery store in search for a flat square surface that could work for these; I didn't find anything close, so I bought and cut some Oreo cookies. Unfortunately cutting them wasn't easy and I ended up eating a lot of crumbs.

Here are some bees. I had worked on them a few weeks ago and saved the pic for a new posting.

I made these using some cereal for the wings and sunflower seeds covered in chocolate for the stinger. These are delicious and adorable.


Next Saturday is the Greenpoint Food Market. I'll be working on some Dulce de Leche cake pops early next week and if they are as delicious as I expect, you'll see them as the market along with the empanadas.  Hope to see you there!!
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mi mama me mima

(click on the pic so you can actually read it. ay mafalda!)

Yesterday was mother's day in the US and made me think about my mami in Buenos Aires who is alone at the time since my dad is in Korea visiting my gparents. Pobrechita... mi mami....

I come from women who can cook- My moms mom is hardcore- she makes everything and I mean EVERYTHING from scratch. When they first arrived in Buenos Aires, there weren't any Korean grocery stores, so she figured out how to make good old traditional meals all from scratch; she makes gochujang, doenjang, and cases of kimchi on a monthly basis. You can really admire this if you understand the work and stink that this means (this stuff tastes great... but Koreans do not cook with their sense of smell). My mom is spoiled by my granma who makes all this awesomeness- but she has her weapons too. Donuts are hard to find in BA- during the 90's Dunkin Donuts opened in Buenos Aires. I remember exactly where it was, right across the street from the American embassy- of course. After competing with medialunas (croissants), Dunkin Donuts quickly packed their donuts and left the country. Good thing i had my omma who makes the best damn donuts ever (I don't even really like donuts). She never followed a recipe, she just made them... just like that- as if anyone could do it. She can make a feast with very few ingredients- she would be an awesome contestant for chopped. Most of her signature dishes are Korean but whatever she makes I kid you not- you will devour. She just makes everything delicious, after all, that's what makes a real good cook.

I wanted to write a little about her since she is truly my teacher in the kitchen. For as long as I remember, I was helping (probably bothering too) her cook. Starting with peeling veggies, graduated to dicing and then promoted to sous chef. Mami te quiero.

Here is a pic of my family circa 1992 (i believe) at the San Diego zoo. I miss my ninja turtle sweater. The kid in the back is my bro.

And.. a cute cake pop onesy pic.

I made these for baby showers. They look really cute when they are for boys, but for girls.. I'm open to suggestions on how to decorate them.

I will post some spring themed ones later this week.
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Long time no blog.

I can't believe it's already May, April just flew by.. The last post was about the Spring Awakening at the Greenpoint Food Market.. That's a long time ago, my bad.

The market went really well, and it developed into more work; I catered a fare-well party in Williamsburg providing empanadas and cake pops for dessert also- my cake pops are now also available at Better Being in the west village.. pretty awesome, huh? The kimchi sausage empanadas sold out first! I folded them in a dumpling fashion. The only picture I have from the empanadas is from the recap post that I stole since I didn't take any pictures myself.

The chicks cake pops did really well too.. and got a spot at the better being shelf which is awesome. I've also been working on some new shapes for cake pops that I promise i will post them within this week. I intended to make little baseballs but drawing the stitch didn't look as good as I expected, but i'll be trying again. So I had a bunch of white little balls i decided to make into little faces.

Business has been good, not an excuse for not blogging but it has definitely been keeping me busy. I'll have some new pictures soon.
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