New Year's resolution = slow business

Yea, yea, yea... we all wanna be skinny and hot, so I totally understand why baked goods sales drop after the holidays and why new gym memberships peak in January. I'm not mad about it, hey- I started working out as well.

Before I moved to the States, I never heard the concept of a "New Year's resolution"; but after being here for eight years, I find myself promising I'll start changing old habits and hoping I have the will power to stick to them... unfortunately, a few weeks later, I convince myself it was a silly resolution to begin with, just to feel a little better about the fact that I can't follow though. Boohoo.

So - When does baked goods business pick up again? I say when all the chain stores decide to decorate everything red and put hearts all over the place. And why not heart shaped cake pops? Because my kitchen and bathrooms have been invaded by workers with toxic chemical smells and bad music. I'm really excited to have re- finished bathrooms and a freshly painted kitchen... but today I had to go to the bagel place downstairs to use the bathroom - and that's never fun (specially since I live in a fifth floor walk-up). Boohoo #2

See? I just gave up on my new year's resolution to be more positive. Boohoo #3
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Happy 2010!

I hope everyone had a great holiday season; I took a nice break from baking until early this week. This Saturday, it's the Wedding Crashers event. This is a wedding fair that promotes caterers, photographers, bands, DJ's, florists and everything you need for your wedding day, all based in NYC. This is a great way to promote small businesses (specially because I'm one of them!) and staying local. I was contacted by Brooklyn Based (the organizer of the event) to make cake pops as wedding favors. How awesome! I was originally thinking of making cupcake cake pops, but then thought, why not make a mini wedding cake pops? It goes better with the wedding theme... So i did.

These are Red Velvet covered in white chocolate.


I've been meaning to post some pictures I gathered during my visit to Boston during the holidays and also just by walking around in NYC. Boston was freezing cold but had a great time anyways; it was my first time there. Visited the Aquarium, got a craving for sushi, ate amazing seafood, went to the Quincy market, and saw the biggest macaroons ever...

The following cupcake pictures are from the Chelsea market. The excess of icing didn't really make me wanna eat them, but definitely admire them.

Sesame Street characters have a special place in my heart. I have never seen an episode of it, but instead I grew up learning English with them. I learned songs that were made up with kids songs melodies but the words were changed for educational purposes and I only came to realize that when I moved here and realized all the lyrics I knew were totally wrong, but awesome. 

♫ Sesame street is the place to be... they're lots of fun for you and me! ♫
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