Done with Baking... for now.

On Tuesday, I delivered my last orders before Christmas, and it felt so good! I had a really busy and good holiday season in terms of business. It definitely exceeded my baking expectations.
After making and baking:
  • Over 220 empanadas

  • 650 (give or take) cookies 

  • And over 350 cake pops
I packaged, shipped, delivered and sold all my baked goods...

So it was finally time for me to bake (again) for pleasure! It's not that I stopped enjoying it... but it's nice to bake different things here and there. So I figured i could make some good stuff for Christmas morning. I made these mini pistachio poppy seed muffins and some good old banana bread. The pistachio poppy recipe, I got from my friend Victoria (baker and founder of Sweetie Pies Brooklyn). It's really simple and delicious...

 There are three ways of making things taste delicious (choose wisely):
  1. Put hot sauce 
  2. Or - Add poppy seeds
  3. Enjoy it with people you love (yes, cheesy but true)

I also want to thank everyone who reads this... last Saturday at the Greenpoint Food market, a bunch of people came to say hi, and told me they read my blog. I have to admit that it felt a little weird that they knew  me, but it was awesome! It made me really happy to know there are readers out there. Thank you (really, thank you)!
Happy Holidays everyone everywhere!!

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    Baby, It's cold outside...

    Que frio que hace... y es diciembre!! I still can't get used to associating cold weather with the end of the year. I do associate it with the holiday season, just not with the end and beggining of a new year. I know it sounds odd, but the holiday season is such an American thing for me. I grew up celebrating Christmas and New Year's by the pool and watching fire works, so that is the end of the year to me. The holiday season is English Christmas songs, cold weather and crazy shopping season... but this year is a bit different, there is a LOT of baking going on.

    This Friday is the Biblioball so I've been getting ready for it. Today I worked on the fillings for the empanadas and tomorrow I'm baking cookies all day. I already worked on the cake pops, since they are time consuming but once made, they last up to two weeks in the fridge. I made three kinds:

    • Vanilla

    Also known as my Christmas tree farm...

    • Red Velvet as Santa Hats

    • Reindeer Chocolate Cake Pops

    They are so cute, I kept giggling while making them  :)
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    Post Thanksgiving - Pre Christmas Craziness.

    After last week's Thanksgiving orders, I really needed a break from the kitchen. I love the actual baking, I'm just not used to being up on my feet all day long and with all the cleaning up, labeling and packaging I was ready to spend some time outside my tiny kitchen. Thanksgiving  was exactly what i needed. I had a great meal, a bonfire, fresh Connecticut air, great turkey and amazing spicy sausage stuffing. mmmm...

    Another great thing about my Thanksgiving? I got orders for Christmas! Woohoo!! This time they will be shipped to different locations and as - wait for it.... -  corporate gift packages instead of my usual cookie bags, so today I went on a mission to find cute, sturdy, green and price conscious packaging... ehh... my feet hurt and came back with random baking supplies... How did that happen? I'm not sure. I realized it was too much to ask for. If it was cute, it was too small... if it was green, it was ugly and if it was sturdy, it wasn't green and more expensive than what was gonna be inside of them. Boo to packaging! It's so wasteful yet so necessary. How about a cookie postcard?

    You don't need to write anything in it, when you get this in your mailbox, you can just assume someone feels you deserve a treat. Peel the stamp, and enjoy! And- how cute are the Simpsons stamps?

    I will be very busy starting next week getting ready for the Biblioball 2009. I will selling baked goods at the fundraiser which is hosted by The Desk Set and the proceeds go to literacy for incarcerated kids. Check out their website for tickets! They expect between 300 and 450 people at the event so that's a lot (a LOT) to prepare for. Wish me luck!

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