Baby, It's cold outside...

Que frio que hace... y es diciembre!! I still can't get used to associating cold weather with the end of the year. I do associate it with the holiday season, just not with the end and beggining of a new year. I know it sounds odd, but the holiday season is such an American thing for me. I grew up celebrating Christmas and New Year's by the pool and watching fire works, so that is the end of the year to me. The holiday season is English Christmas songs, cold weather and crazy shopping season... but this year is a bit different, there is a LOT of baking going on.

This Friday is the Biblioball so I've been getting ready for it. Today I worked on the fillings for the empanadas and tomorrow I'm baking cookies all day. I already worked on the cake pops, since they are time consuming but once made, they last up to two weeks in the fridge. I made three kinds:

  • Vanilla

Also known as my Christmas tree farm...

  • Red Velvet as Santa Hats

  • Reindeer Chocolate Cake Pops

They are so cute, I kept giggling while making them  :)


Anonymous said...

omg i want one of those reindeer pops!!!

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