Long time no blog.

I can't believe it's already May, April just flew by.. The last post was about the Spring Awakening at the Greenpoint Food Market.. That's a long time ago, my bad.

The market went really well, and it developed into more work; I catered a fare-well party in Williamsburg providing empanadas and cake pops for dessert also- my cake pops are now also available at Better Being in the west village.. pretty awesome, huh? The kimchi sausage empanadas sold out first! I folded them in a dumpling fashion. The only picture I have from the empanadas is from the recap post that I stole since I didn't take any pictures myself.

The chicks cake pops did really well too.. and got a spot at the better being shelf which is awesome. I've also been working on some new shapes for cake pops that I promise i will post them within this week. I intended to make little baseballs but drawing the stitch didn't look as good as I expected, but i'll be trying again. So I had a bunch of white little balls i decided to make into little faces.

Business has been good, not an excuse for not blogging but it has definitely been keeping me busy. I'll have some new pictures soon.


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