Congrats Ali!

This weekend I'm going up to Newport for my future sister- in- law's graduation and I thought it'd be cute to make graduation caps. I went to the grocery store in search for a flat square surface that could work for these; I didn't find anything close, so I bought and cut some Oreo cookies. Unfortunately cutting them wasn't easy and I ended up eating a lot of crumbs.

Here are some bees. I had worked on them a few weeks ago and saved the pic for a new posting.

I made these using some cereal for the wings and sunflower seeds covered in chocolate for the stinger. These are delicious and adorable.


Next Saturday is the Greenpoint Food Market. I'll be working on some Dulce de Leche cake pops early next week and if they are as delicious as I expect, you'll see them as the market along with the empanadas.  Hope to see you there!!


Anonymous said...

love the bees, faby!!

-heather l.

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