St. Patricks gold rush

Happy St Patrick's Day!!!

Have you seen Gold Rush Alaska? Thanks to my husband, I got hooked this season. The show is about gold miners in Alaska (duh!) - it is somewhat comparable to the Deadliest Catch which I ♥, but unlike the deadliest catch where you see them find some crab (and many times a crab load), these miners found very little to no gold.

So for this St Patrick's day, instead of making shamrock cake pops, I thought this pot of gold would be a little different and cute. The gold in this case are mini M&M's and yellow sprinkles.


Parker Robinson said...

Wow and wow! OK, I was scoping out Faby's sweet creations on her blog here like I always do and fell in love with these Pots O' Gold, just like I fall in love with everything she creates. She was nice enough to have a bunch sent cross country to San Francisco to really make the St. Patty's holiday super special. They came in beautiful individual wrapping making each one its own special desert. All my friends were blown away when they saw them in person and became instant fans....and then they actually tasted them. The satisfying sound of oooo's and ahhhh's and mmmm's said it all. It is taking all the strength I have to hold on to the last couple pops as I want to show my last few friends in town how epic these cake pops really are. I will be ordering more to spruce up my holiday parties in the future for sure. Keep up the good work Faby! We can't wait for what's next....

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