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The "All you need is love" Blackberry commercial is finally (finally!!) not playing at every single commercial brake, but now that all the decorations for Valentine's day are starting to pop out and I have freshly painted bathrooms and kitchen, I worked on some Valentine's day cake pops. You can hate Valentine's day, but you'll love these Red Velvet cake pops.



But before Valentine's day, it's Superbowl time! Woohoo! Not because I like the game (football to me is and always will be what you understand by "soccer". It doesn't make any sense to call a game "football" when you only kick the ball a few times per game); but it's just a show. It seems there is a lot of focus on the commercials, and the half time show- not so much about the game itself, or maybe that's just me because I don't get the game...
It's very different from baseball (the other great American sport). I do enjoy baseball a lot, and even though last year's world series was between two teams I'm not very fond of (Yankees Vs Phillies), it was a competition - and a very good one. I found myself rooting for the Yankees. Only because I ♥ NY - and I don't like the Phillies; they won the previous year and the last thing we (Mets) need is them winning two years in a row.
I never thought I would enjoy baseball the way I do. I just associate it with a great summer day, unlike "football" that is played in some serious cold weather. I see the fans and all I can think is that I would be extremely miserable out there. But anyhow- it's Superbowl time!

I made some football shaped cake (balls?) for some hard core New Orleans Saints fans I know.


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