Cupcakes, cupcakes, and some more cupcakes!

Halloween: it's not about being scared anymore; it's about being cute. You don't see anyone in scary outfits... so why would halloween inspired foods look scary? I wanna eat things that look too cute to be eaten! So... here are my gravestone cupcakes!

And to make it even cuter... here are some cupcakes on a stick. 

Yea, these are not even Halloween inspired... but aren't they adorable?


Verito Crespo said...

FABY SON GENIALES!!! si vivieras acá YA te hubiera comprado para el gato negro! jaa! seguro q te va a ir bien vendiendo todo esto! good luck! =)

Julian E. Dipp said...

Double Chocolate for me!

Heather said...

those cupcakes are SUPER adorable!!! i will be ordering some from you in the future... :)

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