No tricks... only treats!

I'm sorry I haven't been uploading lately... I've been busy baking.
Last Saturday I was at the market selling less cookies and more empanadas; I was a bit worried about the turn out at the market since it was supposed to be really nasty out, but luckily, the weather hold off, and i sold out my empanadas... Again!

These are my spinach & mushroom empanadas... little butts!

The market won't be open for the next month or so, so I'm trying to bake different things. Two days ago I got a confirmation email for my first cake order! I made sure they knew I am all about taste, and not so great when it comes to looks. This is the filling of the cake:  peaches and cream.

And this is the final product.

To even the cake out, I cut the top, and was wondering what i could use it for.. The cake was really moist and it would be a shame to dry it out to make crumbs, so i decided to prepare for halloween and made these

I know- they are adorable!! And they taste pretty damn good too!

i caught the ghosts!


Jessica Cho said...

I like the smell of pastries and food in general. But hey, as much as i love to eat, I can be ur personal taster. LOL. On the real, dude, I admire everything u do and the dedication u put to everything. Im sure uve accomplished a lot more than me in life and I hope one day we can freakin see each other again. Were supposed to deploy in march, so weve been working our butts off lately. But hey, back to the story, theres nothing better than some empanadas. Reminds me of home...
Make some churros, i remember you were addicted to them.
I miss ya, old buddy. Take care of yourself.

Mikae said...

Mmmmm... looks so yummy! I miss your empanadas. wanna eat them!

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