Pops & Pics

I think i have a problem... I can't stop making cake pops. I'm open to cake pop ideas and suggestions, so comment away!

Cookies are homemade, empanadas are homemade, and now... the business cards are homemade as well.


Anonymous said...

umbrellas, more cupcakes.... hm...
flowers, cute baby chicks and animals, fruits and vegetables..... i don't know

letters... numbers


Heather said...


I work with Jeff and had the pleasure of sampling your AMAZING GHOST CAKE POP!!!!! (I also put in an order haha)

Your ghosts are sooo cute!!! I live in Brooklyn, so I should be hitting up Greenpoint Mkt sometime.

Oh and <333 your biz cards!

Your fan and consumer,

Faby Lee said...

Hah! I'm so happy to hear someone likes them so much, because I love making them! Can't wait to make more and other kinds! :)
Please introduce yourself at the market; the next day will be Saturday November 21st, I'll post something when the date gets closer.
Enjoy the pops, and happy Halloween!!

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