This past week after making the Alfajores de Maicena, I worked (very hard) on a Halloween/ birthday cake and tons (tooons) of ghost cake pops. I made the chocolate ones again, and also made some red velvet cake pops for an order my boyfriend got for me from some of his coworkers.

The cake was a black forest: rich chocolate cake, whipped cream, cherries and covered with an awesome chocolate ganache. This is the cake filling... you can already guess my fourth of july cake for next year.

I stressed out when it comes to decorating the cake; I feel confident when it comes to the taste, but not so much when it comes to looks. I think that's another reason why I love covering cakes in a nice rich chocolate ganache, it's very hard to mess that up, and it always looks so pretty and shinny...

I'm totally scared to work with fondant, and I don't really like the taste of it, but i'll use it one of these days, and tell you how it goes.

The ghost pops I made were a rich chocolate covered with white chocolate melt, and drawn with an edible pen, not sharpie. Here is a picture of my little ghost army that i had to post because it's too cute.

 For Halloween this year I had a very low cost costume; I was little red riding hood; I reused a red cape i got as a gift when i celebrated my birthday at medieval times a couple of years ago and wore red tights i bought for Santacon. The best part of my costume was the white basket i got from goodwill and filled it with pops to carry around and give away.

Boo! Happy late Halloween!


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