Turkey day is around the corner...

In case you were wondering why I haven't been posting anything... This is why:

I made these pops using a friend's Raspberry Jello Shot Chocolate Cake (longest cake name ever) recipe, they have vodka and creme of cacao. I covered the tip of some candy corns with chocolate and used them as the feathers, and chocolate covered sun flower seeds for the beaks... aren't they adorable?

I will be selling baked goods at a fundraiser on december 11th, and since it's a winter ball, why not winter- themed baked goods?

So I baked some delicious Double Chocolate Mint cookies... unfortunately, being busy baking... I forgot to take pictures of them... and now they are gone.. oops! I have to do some minor changes to the recipe so once I bake them for the fundraiser, I'll make sure to document every single crumb.

I also made more cupcake pops (of course). These were vanilla ones with sprinkles and covered them in white and dark chocolate..



Anonymous said...

loved the mint cookies!!!

and adorableeeeeeee cupcake pops faby!!


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